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Povl Henningsen

Povl Henningsen is an expert of building bridges across differences through communication and particularly the tool of open dialogue.


Skillset & Story Behind

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A communications heavyweight, Henningsen brings with him 25 years of cross-cultural experience from his work as a simultaneous interpreter at the European communities. Here he was immersed in a highly international environment with a very specific purpose: to create understanding across personal, professional, and cultural differences.

With an innate sense of musicality that reaches far beyond the spoken word, Henningsen understands the rhythm and structures of interpersonal, cultural, and organizational dynamics, which naturally ranks him as a top communication advisor – locally, nationally, and internationally.

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He is a published author with two books, “Bryd muren: Guide til kommunikation i modvind” and "Gode møder – bedre resultater på kortere tid." They are about speaking with power, passion and personality, and about designing and running effective meetings.

Henningsen is multilingual and fluent in Danish, English, German and French.

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Let's meet online to know more about each other.

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