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Aarhus University Hospital

The Situation

The neuro surgeon department at Aarhus University Hospital wanted to focus on world class teamwork. What is great teamwork? What is particularly important in a university hospital context? And how do you make great teamwork happen – concretely?

The Solution

A team of key stakeholders were introduced to a teamwork model aiming at giving participants a clear overview of all aspects of great teamwork. 3 focus areas: how to get ahead, how to get aligned and how to get along.

This model made it easy for participants to relate to important teamwork aspects of their own jobs. I presented the model to my audience and subsequently facilitated a dialogue and discussion on how the model might apply to their own situation.

The result: an open, frank and inspiring discussion that give new energy, motivation and drive to setting high standards for team efforts. And it provided participants with a wealth of ideas on how to improve teamwork in concrete and practical ways. “An incredibly inspiring workshop” – a comment from one participant representing the general feeling of the group.

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