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The Situation

A leading Danish politician needed ideas on how to increase his efficiency as a speaker.

The goal: get more people to vote for him and his policies. In addition, he saw speaking as a key element of his ability to engage, inspire and motivate his party organisation composed to high degree of unpaid volunteeers. The speaking challenge he was facing was common to most people who run for office. 

How do I explain my political views so that they are easy to understand, easy to relate to and easy to support? What are the tools available to develop messages that stick? And how do I come across as a trustworthy, knowledgable and likable politician that can make a difference.

The Solution

The kick off was a public speaking workshop to get relevant people around the same table to discuss personal communication challenges as they saw them. A facilitated dialogue that would provide the foundation for the personal communication strategies to be developed.

In addition, we decided on a combination of personal speaking coaching and online support during the entire election campaign. Thus my client got immediate feedback on his public appearances either on TV, radio or at election rallies and meetings.

Every morning I would supply my direct client and his key people with relevant, targeted feedback on their performance. And I would provide them with relevant inspirational material that would give them tips and ideas on how to improve their performance fast.

The effect of the process was a clear improvement of the ability to connect any audience. In addition my client clearly improved his ability to structure his messages to make it easier to follow his ideas. And he managed to come across as a committed, visionary and extremely authentic politician at a time where the general image of politicians seems to suffer. 

He personally attributed his election success to the efforts he invested in improving his communications capabilities.

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