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The Situation

A managing director of a big Danish player in the global food business wanted sparring about key professional challenges involving issues related to leadership, strategy implementation, strategy formulation, communication – actually any aspect of his job that would maximize his chances of personal success.

The Solution
A process was set up consisting of monthly meetings with an agenda covering the burning issues that were top of mind and needed careful consideration and discussion. The agenda also included private matters that might affect his personal performance on the job. The meetings were conducted effectively – a key quality being the ability to get to the core of any issue as quickly as possible with due respect for the complexity of most problems faced in modern management and leadership. The executive coaching sessions were run with my HERO principles in mind. Humour, empathy, respect and openness. They led to more clarity for the client thus making it easier for the client to take good decisions on concrete actions to be taken. They gave the client the opportunity to discuss difficult issues in an atmosphere of trust, understanding and insight. The coaching sessions were based on a detailed contract with the client setting the highest expectations for ambitious results.
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