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Christian Ernemann

The Situation

Christian Ernemann was a Global Sales Director for a leading Danish design company operating globally. His position involved responsibility for global sales. He was leading 100 people.

His company was acquired by a US company. He did not really like the course things were taking. The US way of running a business did not resonate with him.

It was time for reflection.

He saw three options:

  1. Stay in his job and try to make the best of the US way of doing business

  2. Start his own business

  3. Go for a CEO job in an interesting company

The Solution

Christian Ernemann hired Povl Henningsen as his executive coach. He needed clarity about his personal dreams, ambitions and wishes both professionally and personally.

Inspiring conversations over a couple of months took many directions. It takes time to dive into your past experiences. 

What he was really good at, what he liked to do and where he would be going next to make the most of his experience and expertise.

Suddenly an interesting CEO job came up. Sheer luck really. A design-oriented furniture company with a lot of untapped international potential.

A gift from Heaven.

Povl Henningsen then helped Christian with all phases of the application process —CV, formulation of application, interview training.

He greatly appreciated very concrete, relevant advice based on Povl Henningsen's expertise and experience in communication and leadership.

He got the job and is now busy developing his new company for future success in the global furniture market.

He gives Povl Henningsen his best recommendation as an executive coach, trusted, personal advisor and chief whip. A great voice of experience when difficult personal decisions have to be made.

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