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Moe A/S

The Situation

MOE – a major engineering company – was organizing a strategic conference with 80 key employees who were also owners of the company.

A two-day event involving a host of different activities, workshops, group work, panel discussions and outdoor activities.

The objective was to develop true teamwork among engineering experts representing a variety of specialities with the aim to deliver worldclass building consulting.

The Solution

I was invited as a keynote speaker to deliver a presentation in worldclass communication and teamwork.

The conference involved participants working in groups on four key development tracks:

  • Attractive corporate culture

  • Talent development

  • Internationalisation and growth

  • Proces and project model

Since participants represented a number different expertises within the building industry and since they came from 5 different geographical locations the company hired me to talk about the topic of cooperation across differences.

My job: to inspire, motivate and engage participants to bring about highlevel, challenging and innovative discussions to form the foundation for the company's strategy plan 2020. The benefit of my presentation: the mobilisation of the collective energy, passion and drive of 80 participants leading to a wealth of great ideas to work on in the year to come.

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