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Palsgaard A/S

The Situation

The global townhall- A collaboration between Palsgaard and Povl Henningsen.

I am the global sales director for Palsgaard. Povl Henningsen, Henningsen Global took me through a virtual sales development proces.

Palsgaard is a significant player in the food ingredients industry. We operate globally, are based on strong values and have the challenge of tying the organization together so that everyone understands and works for common visions, values and goals.

Virtual meetings are of crucial importance to us in this context. This applies to daily leadership meetings, workshops and global town halls.

Through the collaboration with Povl Henningsen, we chose to focus on the benefits of virtual meetings with a special focus on talking to our corporate audience to inspire, engage and motivate.

We organized a global sales meeting as a global townhall meeting. The goal: All participants should leave the meeting saying  “Holy cow - this town hall was valuable, relevant and super exciting to participate in."

The Solution

We worked together over a period of 3 months. Intensive weekly meetings.

Key questions:

  • Why hold the global sales meeting?

  • What is in it for participants? What is in it for Palsgaard?

  • What are key take aways for everybody?

  • What is a good agenda?

  • Who should speak and why?

Benefits for me


  • much greater awareness of what is at stake in terms of international cooperation including cultural differences

  • valuable knowledge, new insights and new ideas that make it easier and faster to operate in the virtual world

  • a better foundation for making decisions about future virtual sales and collaboration strategies

Finally, let me mention that it was a pleasure working with Povl Henningsen.

We always achieved a lot in a short time through meetings that provided new insights, new ideas and new energy - not least based on Povl Henningsen's great international experience and expertise.

I can highly recommend Povl Henningsen to others who work to bring global markets closer to home.

Allan Sandbeck

Global Sales Director - Palsgaard A/S

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