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PR Electronics

The Situation

PR Electronics – a medium-sized international company with subsidiaries in 9 different countries were challenged in relation to global teamwork.

The challenge of implementing joint sales strategies worldwide, the exploitation of synergies across borders, the goal of creating a global teamwork spirit. There was a clear feeling that the company's products deserved a much greater market share. 

The problem: how to reach ambitious sales targets. Once a year the entire company – from top to bottom – is invited for the annual strategy conference. One key goal to get managers and employees from all countries to work together as a unified team. A team with common visions, values and goals.

The Solution

We agreed on organizing workshops to support the implementation of company's visions, values and goals. Visions and value statements are often abstract statements of good intentions which need to come to life to bring about desired results. I helped the company define concrete ways of implementation.

One activity was a communication workshops teaching participants to bring messages across with power, passion and personality.

The result: a 25-50 % increase in the presentation efficiency of participants leading to much better engagement, involvement and communication effectiveness – internally and externally. The communication also involved the leadership thats swings concept.

This concept involves the entire company to perform as an international choir appearing on the global stage. 150 people were given the challenge to sing as a choir led by a professional conductor. Followed by a town hall meeting where everybody gets to talk about issues that matter. It is an event that makes everybody work together in an atmosphere of fun, enjoyment and energy.

The result: better alignment on corporate visions, values and goals and much better teamwork across borders increasing the effective exchange of ideas, experience and solution for the benefit of everybody.

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