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Reputation Institute

The Situation

Reputation Institute – a consulting company decided it was experiencing low efficiency in their meetings. They often found themselves debating more than making decisions. Result: waste of time, unclear about progress, no clear action plans etc.

They wanted to be more productive, and also take better advantage of the participants knowledge and local insight.

The Solution

I helped the the company have a critical look at their own meetings plus their way of approaching meetings with customers, partners and other stakeholders.

We used the following structure: I supplied everyone with a copy of one of my books “Gode møder – bedre resultater på kortere tid” and gave an introduction to my key research and findings on meeting culture. We organized a learning by doing programme. Participants were given the challengeof defining a relevant meeting type and then making it happen i.e. running the meeting as a live experiment. This hands-on process ensures that you get to see all participants in action – you can hear what they say, you can watch their body language in the process and you can observe their leaderships skills.

Following the actual meeting a detailed debriefing process where we cover all aspects of the entire meeting process. 

Expert facilitation to bring out the best in all participants. And also bring to light key differences of opinion among participants. Our working method makes it possible to learn about running meetings at the same conducting meetings that the company would have to hold anyway – a strategy meeting, a sales meeting, a production meeting. Thus you kill several birds with one stone.

The effect of the training programme: more effective meetings, less time spent on meetings, more action and greater work satisfaction. In short better results in a shorter time.

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