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HENNINGSEN GLOBAL offers a range of communication services to meet your specific professional needs, whether they be individual or organizational in nature.

Explore them below, or contact me to design a tailor-made programme for you.


Business Coaching

For leaders and individuals who want to grow professionally and personally.


We give you new insights, new ideas, and new energy to create a better life for your company, yourself and your family.

We talk about issues related to communication, leadership and teamwork. Add to this, more personal issues to achieve a balanced life.

Performance Coaching

For anybody wanting to speak with power, passion and personality.


The goal: To master the art of creating messages that inspire, engage and motivate. And to deliver memorable messages that resonate with the audience. Why? To have more impact, more influence and better results.


Workshops & Seminars

HENNINGSEN GLOBAL workshops and seminars provide the perfect stage for bringing together the organization to learn, to develop ideas, and to create collaboration, corporate spirit and harmony.

We address topics such as leadership, teamwork, innovation, creative problem-solving, organizational change, mergers and acquisitions, new leadership generations, and crisis management.

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Henrik Strøier, CEO, Reputation Institute

Povl Henningsen helped us facilitate top-level strategy discussions.

He has a really good grasp of complicated contexts. He manages to create a positive atmosphere in a meeting room. An atmosphere of trust, openness and honesty. In this way, results are created that take the process further. He has a keen sense of humor —an essential competence when the waves go high.


Online Programmes

Right now, the whole world is online. Leadership, communication, corporate discussions, idea generation, decision making, problem solving, conflict resolution, sales and negotiation – everything takes place online.

This places new and huge demands on everyone’s ability to appear on a screen. Awareness of the particular challenges of screen communication. And the crucial ability to get across thoughts, ideas and proposals in a dynamic interaction with others.

This programme prepares participants to set the stage for effective communication online. It increases the likelihood that ambitious visions, values and goals can be realized together with others across personal, professional and cultural differences.

Women on Global Stages

An International Performance Coaching Programme for Women

We have joined our forces with the communication and vocal skills expert from UK, Liz Barber (20+ years of experience), to help women leaders, who want influence, impact and inspiration to change via speaking with power, passion and personality.

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Varlık 30.png

Anders Sikjær, Global Sales Director, AAK / Karlshamn

It is a great advantage to be able to discuss leadership challenges with a person who represents both professional and personal depth.


It is always a pleasure to be in his company. Relaxing, humorous and at the same time deeply serious.

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Do you need an exact fit for your situation?

Reach out to me to design a tailor-made programme that will boost your leadership and communication skills to create the results you are looking for.

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